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What are the characteristics of high-pressure air foaming machine

      Foaming machine for many people are not unfamiliar, many industries need to use foaming machine, different types of foaming machine, there are different names, such as cement foaming machine, sponge foaming machine. Front sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine manufacturer network Xiaobian introduced you a lot of knowledge about cement foaming machine, there are many kinds of cement light emitting machine, what are the characteristics of high-pressure air foaming machine you know? Now let's learn about the knowledge of high-pressure air foaming machine together with Xiaobian.

      The air pressure of high-pressure air foaming machine comes from air compressor, and its pressure value is generally 0.4-1.0 MPa. The exhaust volume is 0.2-2.0 m/min. The output and quality of foam are different under different pressure and displacement.

      Because this kind of machine adopts air compressor with high pressure, its foaming speed and quality are superior to medium and low pressure blast foaming machine, and it is a relatively advanced pressure foaming machine. This kind of high-pressure foaming machine is most widely used in our country.

The high-pressure air foaming machine consists of the following parts:

      A gas source. Air compressor is generally used.

      B foam making device. Through this device, the foaming agent is made into foam under the action of air.

      C liquid-gas mixing device. This device has a significant effect on the quality of the foam.

      D foaming control device. There are two kinds of automatic control and manual control.

      E foam metering device. There are two kinds of automatic metering and manual metering, some of which have no foam metering devices.

      F foaming agent storage and conveying device. There are two kinds of continuous conveying and intermittent conveying.

      These are the main components of the foaming system, and the foaming machines in different places have certain increase or decrease on this basis. The configuration of high-end models is more, the automation level is higher, and the configuration of simple models is less, which depends on manual control.

      Some foaming machines and mixers (pulping, mixing bubbles), conveying pumps (conveying foam cement slurry), foam cement slurry distributing rods and so on are combined into four units, forming a combined multifunctional foaming unit, and the foaming machine is only part of it. This kind of foaming unit is also called "foaming machine", but it is a kind of generalized foaming machine, which is quite different from the general foaming machine. It is actually foam, cement slurry mixing foam, foam cement slurry conveying and cloth integrated machine. The advantages of this combined multifunctional unit are complete and compact configuration, small space occupation, complete functions and convenient use. The disadvantage is the heavy equipment, inconvenient movement (except with motor pumps), high price (generally more than 150,000 yuan per unit).

      Most of the foamers sold on the market are separated from mixers and pumping trucks. They are not combined together and can be configured according to needs.

      What are the characteristics of high-pressure air foaming machine? After reading the introduction, you know. Foaming machine has many applications. Can help us produce all kinds of products. If friends who produce sponges need to buy sponge foaming machine, Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. produces environmentally friendly sponge foaming machine, cost-saving sponge foaming machine will be a good choice.

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