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Intelligent Machinery and Equipment Make the Mainstream of Exhibition

      With the continuous progress of science and technology, new machinery and equipment will appear every year, and the machinery and equipment are developing towards intellectualization. Today, the editor of Sponge Machinery and Mattress Machinery Network shares with you a piece of news about machinery and equipment.

      In this year's "Machine Expo Investment Fair" site, we can see that all kinds of machinery and equipment, accessories are still the main force of the exhibition. Buyers from all over the world and exhibitors actively negotiate on the spot, they exchange business cards from time to time, in order to achieve further cooperation.

      "The products brought in this year are no longer like the single-machine model in the past. Our new products are mainly integrated." Exhibitors from Taiwan Ruibao Xiamen Company introduced to reporters that the new product breaks the limitation of "individualization" of the original product. In the past, some models needed to be matched with the equipment and system of each different factory. Now these superchargers are suitable for each factory, simplifying the matching process in the past, as long as customers place orders. It can be taken home and used directly.

      In Xiamen Leite Robot System Co., Ltd. booth, exhibitors introduced to reporters that the products brought to the exhibition this year are no longer "single". In the past, a robot welding system needs to be "one-to-one" matched with different plant equipment. Now, after the system integration, customers directly take it back to the factory.

      Now, with the transformation and upgrading of the national machinery manufacturing enterprises, exhibitors who used to be single-machine exhibitors in the past years have shown the latest products in an "integrated" way this year. In the Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition area, many enterprises show integrated systems that can achieve integration from material acquisition, cutting, drilling, to detection, handling, storage and so on. With the improvement of intelligent level, the factory workshop gradually replaces manual work with intelligent system to improve production efficiency and product quality.

      It is believed that the mechanical equipment used in all walks of life will become more and more intelligent in the future. We need to keep pace with the times, purchase more advanced equipment and produce higher quality products. Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection sponge foaming machine, cost-saving sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress rim machine and other mechanical equipment manufacturers, friends in need can call to understand.

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